Monday, October 18, 2010

Toronto Municipal Election and Food Security

In Toronto, we will be going to the polls in a weeks' time to select a major and city councillors.  Food issues are not being addressed by many candidates.  Food, shelter, and clothing are considered basic needs but shelter in terms of homeless and affordable housing is the only one being mentioned regularly. 

Food secuity is having adequate amounts of available and nutritious food accessible for all.  It is a tribute that we, as a city, believe that this is not an issue.  Do voters really believe that all Torontonians have enough to eat?  

If food security can include considerations of food safety, then all of a sudden we have a different issue.  How many days could Toronto, as a city, survive a disruption in food supply?  We are not a self-reliant city but no city is expected to produce its' own food.  Just as food security can be looked as an individual issue where poverty is the cause of food safety, collectively, transportation, reliance on fossil fuels and the continual creep of processed foods can be looked as threats to a city's food security.  It is never a bad idea to plan or at least consider the worst case scenario.

With the growth of the local food movement, reduction of reliance on fossil fuels (consider fertilizers), food miles, greenhouses, rise of environmentalism and desire to eat less processed foods, maybe it is time that the level of government that is closest to our basic needs begins to pay attention.

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