Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I hate Americanos

I don't like the drink they call the americano.  It makes me sad to add water to an espresso and getting charged extra.  So, I took a friend whose drink is the above mentioned americano with the express goal of getting him to switch to a long espresso which is just an espresso with more water poured through the extraction process.  We went to three different places, two of which he was fairly familiar with and tried the cups of black gold.  It is helpful to note that he does drink his coffee with sugar probably to counteract the bitterness of the coffee.

I wasn't able to convince him otherwise but did figure out a few things about what he likes about it.  It largely comes to a less intensity and more liquid, never mind the fact that the liquid is just added water.  I find the coffee thinner and it doesn't seem that the flavour is consistent the whole way through.  We tried espresso with a side of water and while he was happy with the coffee it wasn't the same experience.  He found it too strong.  So I have failed at the primary objective of making him a believer and I am unable to recommend my process to americano lovers.  Just note that you are paying 50 cents more for water that you could get free for the asking from the same coffee shop.

However, this same friend has been turned on to using a stove top espresso and adding just a little water at home.  The Moka pot makes a superior cup of coffee to most inexpensive espresso makers and costs just a fraction of the price.  I am not against americanos per se but rather the fact that you are being charged for water.  There is no extra coffee, just water.  You wouldn't order a milkshake and then ask for water and pay for it... and that is why I hate americanos -- the drink not the people.

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