Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

This is a post that will be done many times today.  What will we do different this year to be a better version of ourselves?  One of the major ones that crops up time and again for most people is weight.  I wonder if that comes up more for food bloggers than others?

Anyways, I am grateful that this year I began this blog and I am finding my voice on food.  I have always loved it and I hope I always do.  There is always something new to discover.  Most times, it is just new to me.  That has always been the point of cooking and discovery for me.  I like the look on people's faces when they taste something and say something to the effect of "How could I have not known about this?"  or even more satisfying, "I don't like x but I like this."

That moment of joy and wonder on someone else's face is why I cook.  It is also why I began blogging.  I cannot pretend to have any new food wisdom; a vast majority of what I learn can be found if someone is just trolling the internet.  The only thing that anyone can bring to food is their point of view.  I hope this year to bring my point of view more often and more focused.  After doing these posts for the last eight months, I hope I have learned a little more about this medium.  This is my New Year's resolution...oh and I could stand to lose a few pounds.

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