Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Menu: 5 Beer 5 Bites

A friend who was doing some fundraising asked me to come up with a beer food pairing and this is the menu that we chose.

1st Pairing
Beer: Homebrewed Witbeer (coriander, orange peel, grains of paradise)
Non-Alcoholic Drink: bottle green's Ginger and Lemongrass Cordial
Food:  White Beans with fresh herb salad and arugula on a baguette

2nd Pairing
Beer:  Homebrewed Elderberry Witbeer (same as above with elderberries)
Non-Alcoholic Drink: bottle green's Elderflower Cordial
Food: Three crackers.
Cracker 1: with homemade Rhubarb Beer Jam and Manchego cheese
Cracker 2: with Guava Paste and Manchego
Cracker 3: with Quince Paste and Manchego

3rd Pairing
Beer:  Mill Street Paradise IPA
Non-Alcoholic Drink:  bottle green's Spiced Berry Cordial
Food:  Chips and Dips
Dip 1: Feta and Hot Pepper 
Dip 2: Curried Lentil 
Dip 3: Salsa Guisada with Fresh Herbs (Lemon Thyme, Lavender, Oregano and Basil)

4th Pairing
Beer:  Bellwoods Brewery Toil and Trouble Dubbel
Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Sanpellegrino Chinotto
Food:  WTF round
Taste 1: Nilla Wafer cookie
Taste 2: Milk Chocolate
Taste 3: Chocolate covered coffee bean
Taste 4: Red wine vinegar

5th Pairing
Beer:  Bellwoods Brewery Lost River Baltic Porter
Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Vanilla Cream Soda
Food:  Vanilla Ice-Cream with the opportunity to turn it into a beer float


  1. Sounds awesome. How many people made beer floats?

  2. Half the attendees tried the beer float. Almost all of them enjoyed it. Two didn't want to ruin the ice-cream.