Saturday, June 22, 2013

Preparing for Beer Festivals

Okay. Got the tickets? Check. Cab money? Check. So we should be good to go, right?

Unless you are a beer nerd. Then there are a few more preparations. The last few beer events that I have attended have definitely shown that maybe I am a little too vested in these, admittedly, great events.

1. Scope out the venue and determine if there will be bottlenecks. I hate waiting in line ups and try to figure out where the traffic flow will be. Find the natural eddies for places to have conversations.
2. Check out the beer list for have-to tries. If there is a vendor list and map, all the more better.
3. Insert list into untappd wish list to ensure that you remember cause sometimes you get a little wobbly.
4. Print out list in case phone battery goes.
5. Charge phone before leaving house.
6. Try to put beer list in rank of some order. Depending on the day might be a 2-d list using alcohol content, hop/bitterness content, and maybe degree of what you want to try.
7. Take a look at all the breweries and note any questions that you will ask either the reps or the brewers. This is the best time to talk to them. Okay, not the best but it may be the only time to get yourself in front of them, so that next time you see them in a bar, you can approach them and THEN talk to them. or send an email. Most brewers are pretty great and love talking about their beer and stuff that they are up to.

Now, after all this prep, make sure you bring everything with you.  Phone. Backup to phone - Excel spreadsheet. Paper. Map. Pen. Pencil. All good. Now, if you are going to the fest to actually taste beers then maybe have a snack and pack a lunch or more money for food. If you are going to party, then ignore that piece of advice.

So, when you get there, you will usually follow the script until a) you get wobbly, b) run into a few friends and get engrossed, or c) decide that this is all too much work and it's time to drink - so drink already.

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