Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leftovers - January 2014

The following is a bunch of links that I couldn't be arsed enough to get a full blog post about. I'm working on a few posts but while I try to find the time, here are my leftovers served as an appetizer.

We are doing a Maker's Faire type thing in the next few months. I think that a fair amount of what is traditionally seen as home economics can fit under this category, especially when you throw in technology. This post from thekitchn talks about a 3D printer for food. That idea intrigues me that you would rather program or download a program for creating a meal than making it. Which is more maker?

Along the lines of the pseudo maker is the Make Your Own Gin kit. For those of us who like gin, I think we have always suspected that gin is only flavoured vodka. It begs the question on why flavoured vodka is not called gin but that is another discussion. Nobody would buy a chocolate gin.

The following two links are about bubbles, one carbonation and the other the miracle of frying. So, the science of carbonation and why you should get the right glass. It's from America's Test Kitchen and has all the inherent bias that comes from the ATK. I did post about their crock pot series here talking about the kinds of issues I have with ATK. The second link is pure unadulterated motorboating eggs.

Sometimes cooking is really an art. I loved these pictures from a sushi artist and might start looking into more of these pics. I could waste a whole day on this stuff.

And finally, a sad cookbook. That is all.

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