Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Food Gifts

In the past few weeks, I have received some food gifts.  Mostly because at some time in the past, I have either shared something or shown an interest in the food that people eat, they return the favour with actual food.

I have in my possession coffee beans from the Kaffa region in Ethiopia which is coffee's birthplace and one of the contenders for how the brew got the name. It came from a backyard of coworker's sister. I will be writing about this and trying the Ethiopian coffee ceremony at home.

Also, some wild oregano and sour plum jam from a Greek friend. The oregano was shipped from Greece and has already made it into some goodies.

Homemade idli from an Indian mother who is visiting her child for the next month or so. Really excellent home cooking.

Homemade brown ale made with saison yeast for a Christmas dubbel.

Shared the other way, lime curd for someone to try mixed in with their yoghurt, spicy tamarind balls and the odd produce.

This sharing goes on all the time and while I feel aware of my culture appropriation, it still comes down to people sharing food and stories. I am hoping to write yet another white liberal male post on Beyonce and so I am forewarning you...

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  1. I love giving and receiving food gifts! We had a couple for dinner last week and were given delicious homemade raspberry jam by our guests. Not as exotic as the gifts you describe, but it was from the heart and tasted like summer. The husband of this couple does a lot of canning, preserving and baking, and we are delighted taste testers!

    I love to give personal gifts like this and to share the recipes if people are interested. Many times they are passed down from people I've known and loved and I really enjoy the history element of that as well.