Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Week - 2017 - 1

I looked over my Resolutions Post from last year, and I will be doing a follow up and realized that one of the bigger resolutions was to write/publish a post at least once a week on average. When I was posting more often, I had more people visiting. Seems reasonable.

But what is more telling, there were more ideas that I followed through on and my thinking about food and drinks was sharper. I am still doing food stuff cause it is part of who I am but it is more lackadaisical and haphazard. This is not a bad thing.

One of the other resolutions last year was to learn the business of writing and opening more avenues for me to post - blogs and microstuff things like instagram, etc. I did start to do some of that and looking back, it seems that I have a clearer idea of what purpose this blog serves for me. It is the central place where I can hang all my thoughts about food and kind of keep it all in one place as I do a microreview for zomato, tweet an off tweet that gets me thinking, or post an article on another medium or blog.

One of my favourite food blogs is Ideas in Food and I have always been impressed by how they can continue to post day in and day out with small ideas that seem to be so well considered and thoughtful. When I do look back over their posts, I realize that there is a little more to them in terms of how they do them. Many times, over a stretch of a week, they will break down a process or idea that they are fiddling with and eventually turn into a technique that is ready for prime time. Not everything is a success but following the process is its own reward. So, I'm going to try to institute, at least weekly for 2017, posting about my foodie week. Sometimes it will be just a bunch of links to stuff that I have eaten or read and other times, it will be more considered or pointing to a future more complete post. Let's see how this goes.

This week:

- a turkey stock (broth technically) from leftovers
- a frittata with asparagus, jack cheese and leftover ham

- at the Keg and was reminded that they can do steak well
- at Radical Road and had their version of Jerk Chicken. It was good and deserves for me to go back

- at Boxcar Social in Leslieville where I had the following that were notable: Jeffersons Bourbon, Breizh Scotch (French! Can you believe it. A value Scotch), and Moonlight Kettle Sour that was rhubarb all the way down.
- at Radical Road, their Yuzu Pale and their Belgian IPA that was on offer. I liked the Yuzu and found that the Belgian IPA was a more balanced IPA that for some reason, I was expecting to be like many of the North American IPAs where it is only Belgian in the yeast. But nope, this was using a mix of new world and old world hops to drink like a more European take on the Belgian IPA with a nod with to the new world by adding an Ella hop which is the Australian version of European hop. I know that sounds like gobbledygook but the short is that tastes like a Belgian wheat beer with tropical juice and a dry finish. So there. Regardless, those two exemplars were enough for me to grab some stuff out of the fridge which will be consumed in the next few weeks.
- at Earl's on King St. during the Canada US hockey game and we probably not speak of this again. Will do a micro review on zomato. It is probably not going to be flattering.

- working on something to do with my extra celery and apples
- on how to get more vegetables in my diet and the kids'
- on how to take lunch more often and still not be bored at work lunch
- about making more mead
- working through a cookbook to just cook through it.
- about a stirring technique that Ryan the bartender talked me through for martinis.

And that is about it for the first week of January. Being off has helped me think about this but the real issue is when I go back to work and life takes over.

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