Monday, March 21, 2011

Food Trends: "Pasta Water with Parmesan Foam"

In the past week, there has been three mentions of pasta water; TheKitchn, the first episode of Foodies, and a review of Modernist Cuisine in the New York Times. 

The Kitchn posting was about what to do with leftover pasta water.  There were some admirable answers including cook more pasta, use for thickening and so on.  One person reference Foodies, a new web serial about a bunch of Foodies in California who host a dinner club every week.  There is a love story, ex-boyfriend, goofy overwrought foodies and in the first episode a special hazing dish -- Pasta Water with Parmesan Foam.  It has a hint of nutmeg in it.  Watch the episode, a little draggy in parts but this is the setup episode for the rest of the series.

Finally, I wondered if the Foodies bit was inspired by Nathan Myhrvold's behemoth of a cookbook, Modernist Cuisine.  In the picture linked above, there is an inside out soup with noodles.  Okay, this link may be a stretch but it seemed like a fit in that the outside broth in placed inside a bubble and served with noodles like a pasta.  The broth becomes the object and not the noodles--pasta water as far as I am concerned.

But where is the trend... 

These three point to a root to leaf type of cooking that seems to becoming more clear to me.  Taking throwaways and making them delicious.  Might be a stretch but my prediction is that we will see more of these interesting concoctions showing up in restaurants near you.

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