Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shop Review: Knead Bakery

Knead Bakery has been operating in the Kingston Road/Beaches area for about a year now.  The bread was available in the nearby meat shop while desserts were often found at the video shop around the corner.  Walking along Kingston Road last summer, it wasn't uncommon to smell the fresh baking bread but not being able to spot exactly where it was all happening above the butcher.

Now, they are much easier to locate on Scarborough Road around the corner.  The baker has finally set up shop with a select number of breads including a Fife Sourdough loaf.  The bread is the star of this shop in a good price range.  ($4-5 at the time of this blog).  It rivals Thuet and Brick Street for its flavour.  While it isn't made from a century plus mother, the sourdough starter is pleasantly tart with a good crumb. 

There are other goods such as muffins and a really decent butter tart if you go for harder top with crystallized sugar and gooey center but really the Sourdough is where it is at.  Is it a destination bakery?  Not yet but I am keeping my eye and hopes with this bakery, there is love in those loaves.


  1. The bread dries out in a day. One week it was over baked and the next week under. Location made me give them a shot, but when I spoke to the owner she proceeded to lecture me about how hard her life is. This ugly woman won't be getting any of my business


  2. To be fair, any good bakery bread will stale quickly as they have no preservatives. That is why most bakers have day olds for such a cheap price. There are plenty of hints on the web on how to keep your bread less stale, not to mention all the great recipes there are for stale bread (croutons, bread pudding, stuffing).

    Maybe a lecture wasn't the best thing to receive. I'll leave the argument between you two.

    The ad hominem attack cannot go unnoticed. I don't think a person's looks is any way to judge their ability to bake. But I am sorry that you had a bad experience. No one likes to have a bad food experience.

  3. nope, sorry...this bakery sucks

  4. Anonymous, could you expand on why? I am interested in what you found wrong with it.