Monday, May 16, 2011

Spotted: Real Viscera Noodle Soup

Walking in Chinatown East in Toronto, I spotted a bilingual sign stating "Real Viscera Noodle Soup".  This sign is both really honest and also a bit dismissive of other offal soups.  It could be that other soups may be using fake viscera cheating by using what? 

It is a translation issue, of course, but when I put it through google translate, I get real gut soup so I am assuming tripe soup.  I wonder if the Chinese community is also suffering the issues that many other migrant populations suffered with their brood becoming "westernized" and disavowing poverty dishes that use unused nose to tail eating parts?  With the spread of Food Network extreme eating shows, many of these leftovers have increased in price. Maybe these dishes will soon be elevated to the point that offal will be the same price as the rest of the animal. 

There is a tripe sandwich on the menu at a Turkish place beside the Only on the Danforth that I have been meaning to try.  Each time I go in they are out.  Maybe I should have put this as trending -- Tripe is in...

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