Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wasn't That a Party!

We threw a 60s/70s retro themed dinner party where we took "classic" dishes and remade them.  The menu is here. Recipes will follow in the next few weeks.  Rather than regale readers with snaps of food that they can't eat or endless tales of what Miffy told Biff, I am going to a straight up analysis of what worked and what didn't.

The Setup:  three rooms with three tables - six, six and three for a total of fifteen people.  There were minor nostalgia items set around (records both 45s and 33 1/3 LPs) along with Tupperware coasters, makeshift bar with Zombie fixin's and tub of homemade beer.  Martinis were made.  Drinks were had.

First Course:  Buffet style with Chinette Royale plates and plastic spoons set in an IKEA cup. 

After the first course, guests sat down at seats by choosing keytags from a bowl (key party).  The tags had the name of a television character on them.  The guests had to find the cards with the proper tv show.  Also on the card was the moment that the show jumped the shark.  This was repeated between courses.

Second Course and Third Course:  Sit down served on my mother-in-law's Corelle dishes. 

What made the party work was the mix of people.  The food was good and when it didn't work, it was not offensive.  When making a menu, consider your guests as it makes the night go better if you are not stressed as the host.  Small changes can be made with consideration for allergies but try not to change the menu.    What didn't work were small inconveniences such as a bad calculation on cutlery needed and a poor choice on one of the dishes.  Also -- Pop Rocks were forgotten.  Pop Rocks always make a good retro party.

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