Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dregs Round-up for August 2013

I keep a list of interesting bits of information in my bookmarks. Sometimes I hope that I can turn them into a blog post or get time to do a project. That word sometimes is a mean, mean word. Every month or so I clean up.

Here is what is floating around right now.

Beer cocktail recipe for Compari and IPA. Saved this one because I am working on a post on doctoring beers. If you follow me on twitter, you'll see a bunch of experiments. I'll definitely get around to it but it is a matter of when. Also, Rhubarb Beer Cocktail.

Cooking for Engineers has a post on computer generated cookie recipes. This is similar to what I am trying to do with How to Read a Recipe. Instead of putting the emphasis on understanding the mechanics of the recipe, it generates.

Speaking of freaky engineering feats, how about a twelve course meal in a can? I can see this going somewhere, just not sure where. Most of my dinner parties include at least one type of gel and this is hitting my weird food that may work spot.

The last interesting bit that struck me this month was after doing the review of Brussels Bistro earlier this month, I heard Steven Page on Food is the New Rock podcast. It turns out that Steven Page was involved with the original Brussels Brasserie on the Danforth with Roger Wils. There is a good explanation of why the concept did not work and it just tied the whole thing together.

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