Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nugget in a Biscuit

Sometimes art imitates life. My wife is going to make an epic meal tonight for all of us based on a YouTube song "Nugget in a Biscuit". The song itself, proclaimed a magnum opus by the artist, takes its own inspiration from having a nugget in a biscuit dipped in mash potatoes and then dipped in barbeque sauce. For supper, we may put on the extended 10 hour loop.

There will be a slight variation, in that mushy peas will be added. I am not sure on whether they will be available separately or folded into the mash potatoes to make them more readily available to the barbeque sauce. I suppose you could also spread them as a layer on the biscuit to provide colour and texture. Who knows?

I am really excited about this project for a few reasons. It is great to pull inspiration from pop culture and reflect it back. As adults, we love themed supper parties such as Oscar parties, Walking Dead viewing parties, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a nod to kid culture. This is not an advertisement for any restaurant. There is no corporate sponsorship and it is not trying to sell you anything but the unfettered glee of singing the song (and maybe buying it from iTunes). Since it is a simple concept of putting things together that kids especially love (thinking about my kids putting together things such as peanut butter, apple and cheese sandwiches and so on), it allows for a variety of tweaks. You can serve anything mushy to ensure that you can have a full and healthy meal. Most importantly, the song is silly, catchy and fun. The food is silly and fun. I enjoy eating and having fun with my food. This would seriously be a great idea for an adult dinner party.

All in all, this great idea makes me wonder if there are other good food notions in popular culture aimed at kids. We hear about people cooking through Game of Thrones or drinking through Sex in the City but very little on the kid front. I think I'll turn my mind to that as I congratulate my wife on an amazing idea.

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