Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beer Flavoured Coffee, 2nd Attempt - Part 1

As you can see by the title, this is my second attempt at making beer flavoured coffee. The first fiasco can be found here. I was trying to make a monsooned style coffee and it didn't work particularly well but it gave me enough hope to try again.

So, what am I doing this time? Starting out with green Costa Rica Amistad beans and splitting it out into two preparations involving soaking beans at different parts of the process in Beau's Lugtread. Why Lugtread? Nice malt base with some sweetness and a bit of light fruit. It should not have too much bitterness to overwhelm the coffee. The coffee tasting notes themselves have citrus and hints of cocoa. I am roasting the coffee somewhere between a light and a medium roast.

First Preparation: Take 200g green beans and soak in Lug Tread until swollen. Dry out beans. Roast to desired roast then grind as needed. I'm going to take better measurements as I go along such as, added 1/2 bottle to green beans and the weight after drying, etc, but this is the general idea.

Second Preparation: Take 200g green beans and roast to desired roast (5.9 at high heat and medium fan). Wait overnight and then soak. Will probably soak for the same amount of time. Dry and then grind. I might end up drying the beans in both cases in the oven as I don't want the roasted beans to become stale. I do expect that the beer will prevent oxidation.

Anyways, just a goofy experiment to see where this all goes. I have also kept back a few green beans to roast as a comparison.

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