Sunday, January 3, 2016

Foodist Resolutions: 2016

Yeah, I put foodist instead of foodie, cause I`m wicked like that... and I really liked that John Wayne movie, the Shootist.

Anyways, lists and resolutions abound so why should I miss all the fun. Here is my list clumped together like so much kitty litter.

Booze and Booze Making

  • Why not try making a cider recipe or two?
  • Dry hop some liquor stuff, like cocktails, ciders or lagers. Try not alcohol things too - tea, lemonade, whatever.
  • Make another beer at home. The last one turned out ... oops, spoiler alert and that brings us to the next section.

Food Writing Stuff

  • Finish those damned series. I have two to finish. The coffee beer thing and the gluten free beer. 
  • Write, write and write. A post a week would be good.
  • Be aggressive and publish somewhere else. I have published a bit but those have been requests. I really do need to publish elsewhere. I guess I should learn the business of selling.

Internet Stuff

  • Instagram, tweet and all that jazz. I eat so many new things, if I just instagram it, it will be the most popular thing on the internet except for cats and porn. Oh wait, I did start it and told no one. Hey everybody, here is my instagram account.
  • Fix up my lame ass blog site. Well it is. 
  • Learn how to take a few more photos and deal with layout. See point one here. 

Mad Skills

  • Learn to sharpen my knife. 
  • Learn to use attachments on the mixer - fresh sausage and pasta awaits.
And if that is not enough, use all the f'ing liver in the freezer and clean up your recipe box.

Sheesh. Almost sounds like a list of admonishments or an airing of grievances. Anyways, stick with me this year and I'll see how much I will disappoint or astonish you, me and all those new found followers from the internet stuff category.


  1. I can at least help you with the knife sharpening.

  2. I will take you up on that Paul. I have a whetstone, a knife and a will.