Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So I have this Drinking/Writing Problem... Gendered Drinking

I have been asked to use a rye vodka and to try their his and hers cocktails for Valentine's Day. I jumped at the chance because I had an idea.

If you have been following me on twitter, one of the things that gets me going is using sex to sell booze, especially sexist claptrap. It is a bit odd to be pushing something that blurs judgement around sex where in the best of times it can get murky, like consent. Booze and sex are often paired. I'm betting many of us have made decisions involving alcohol that we would not have made otherwise.

There are whole internet memes around slut shaming dedicated to the night before leading to the day after. Jokes around what it takes to make a person turn gay, ugly partner jokes and courage; so many jokes about needing alcohol to get laid.

I'm not humourless about it, I just think that maybe we shouldn't use the same tired ideas to sell it. So, that is one thing that struck me about this request.

The his and hers drinking is an extension of this type of sexism. The idea that women like girly drinks that are fruity or wine is rampant. The corollary is that fruity drinks are drank only by females or, er, fruits is ridiculous. If it is true, and wine is higher ABV, then all you beer swilling gorillas can't hold your liquor. Have you ever tried to drink high octane drinks in high heels?

The male suggested drink is manlier in that it has mint instead of fruit because we all know that mint is a man's drink. Reminds me of mint juleps. I like them. Every time I bring them up, some one talks about how they are an old ladies' drink and southern and stuff, until they taste them. They have a seasoned soccer player's kick. Funny how time changes things like what constitutes feminine and masculine.

I guess the idea is that you both make different cocktails to get the engine started in either a new relationship that requires a loosening effect or you are in an established relationship that requires some soft mood lighting and numbing. Maybe I'll use some part of this post as a jumping off point for my review.

Anyways, there are a bunch of things that are swirling around in my head. I did decide to take the write up but hope to use some of these thoughts against themselves. We'll see how it goes. I expect to see a package in the mail today and start experimenting tonight and for the next few days. I waiver between drawing attention through comedy and doing a "straight" review with standard bits. I'm doing this for eat drink travel and my editor is urging me to push it a bit after I described the idea.

We'll know in about a week's time as I start to spool out the words onto the electronic page.

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