Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canadian Federal Election 2011: NDP Platform: Food Issues

Short and sweet, clearly stated on page 15.  Better food safety by hiring more inspectors and giving the Canadian Food Inspection Agency more powers and wider mandate.  Clearer labeling in regards to where the food is from, what it has in it and whether it is genetically modified  (Does the Codex Alimentarius know about this?)

They also have a clear set of points aimed at Canadian Farmers that would apply largely to producers of all sizes.  There are a few to the ideal of the farmer whose sons are leaving...but really seem more aimed at the new breed of niche market farmers. 

Clean and clear.  Speaks directly to voters and not couched in intricacies.  Does this mean that the approach is too simple or does the NDP just have better writers?  Next up...the Greens, I will be missing one party in my riding only because I was unable to find the Marxist-Lenin platform online.

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