Thursday, April 14, 2011

Canadian Federal Election 2011: French Debate

Of all the debates and appearances, I expected this one with its gallic influences and social conscience audience to contain at least a passing reference to farming.  It didn't.  I am surprised because there was a lot of precise and pedestrian questions around, what is a person with three kids and two jobs to do or I am 53 and things aren't looking so good.

I am not trying to trivialize those concerns but in a province that prides itself on its heritage and is so concerned with food, you would expect that the rising food costs would begin to register in this election.   There was some discussion about gas and maybe that is the proxy.  Maybe, due to our insulation against food costs, the issue hasn't hit us.  However, it is helpful to note that many of the protests occuring in the Middle East and North Africa have some elements of agriculture and food unrest -- bread hats in Egypt come to top of head.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I will look at the platforms and see if anything specific is offered.  While I realize that this only one plank in a platform, it will help me decide whom I will vote for if a strong preference for local candidate does not present itself.

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