Sunday, April 10, 2011

Restaurant Review: Wunderland Gallery and Espresso Bar

Welcome to Toronto's Wunderland, a new cafe located at the unofficial beginning of the Beach(es) just east of Woodbine and Queen.  It is located on the old site of the Church of the Universe and now serves two other mind altering experiences; coffee and art.

This is one of the more serene cafes that I have visited in a while.  This is a bona fide gallery where art lines the wall and the furniture is made by the owner, Peter Styrsky.  Soon the patio will be open in one of the best locations in the Beach(es).  Sometimes, food is only one part of an experience.  MFK Fisher's favourite food experience was sharing bread with chocolate with two strangers while climbing in the Swiss Alps.  Set and setting are as crucial to a good food experience as is the food itself.

The calmness of this cafe makes it an ideal place for a local to stop and ready oneself for the shopping on Saturday or a way to steady themselves to return home after picking up their groceries or other goodies from the nearby shops.

When the covetable patio is finally furnished with the natural benches and tables, this setting will be cool during the hot morning sun and warm in the summer nights making it a good place to watch the Blue's Festival or Easter Parade.

With two of the three components to create memorable moments, the third being food/coffee needs to be assessed.  The coffee, both espresso and drip,  is organic and fairtrade with a less roasted flavour than that of the larger chains.  Starbucks does for espresso what Tim Horton's does for drip but this coffee shop walks away from the over roasted flavours.  The coffee is not exceptional but due to the great vibe and beautiful setting, both of art and nature, it will provide for a place of peace that matches the nearby beach in winter even during the rambunctious activity of fairs, parades and the summer time scene.

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  1. The coffee is the nectar of the Gods.