Wednesday, April 13, 2011 a cortado?

My travelling friend visited Toronto missing the coffee that he had in Spain.  He described the cortado as 'like a cappuccino but with equal parts coffee to warm milk'.  I finally had a few around town, notably Te Aro and Mad Dog Cafe.

The citizen of the world did mention how the milk does not taste the same in North America as it does in Europe.  Te Aro does something interesting; they like to add a little cream to their milk to up the fat content.  I just like Mad Dog's.  They are using Detour coffee for their espresso blend and it works well with this breakfast and afternoon drink.  I like to think of it as a cafe au lait on steroids. Since cafe au lait was one of my favourite coffee shop coffees for years, I really enjoy these.  They are a smoother, richer and if made correctly, less temperature hot than cappuccinos.

Some coffee snobs might not like this next analogy but if you like Tim Horton's double double, you can grab one of these and add the required sugar and see the difference that a well balanced coffee can make to the most Canadian of coffee drinks.  Just to be a completist, I will mention that the Starbucks equivalent is a misto.

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