Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gifts from Florida

I received three bottles of fresh squeezed Florida grapefruit juice from three different trees in a trailer park in the Sunshine State.  When I tasted them, I was really surprised.  I really should get my camera working because these not only tasted really different from each other, they looked really different.

The first bottle looked like lemon juice with pulp floating on the top and it was obviously juiced from a white grapefruit.  I was expecting this to be the sourest of the three but it turned out to be sweet with a really light flavour of grapefruit.

The second bottle had an orangish tint with some hints of pink.  This was the most balanced tasting of the bunch and it turned out to be the one that my wife would drink.  This is saying something as she does not like grapefruit at all.  There was the sourness of citrus with the sweetness that reminds me of great orange juice.  The pulp seemed to be equally distributed throughout the juice even after sitting in the fridge over night.

The third bottle looked like you would expect pink grapefruit juice to look like.  Pink.  The pulp had settled on the bottom and looked heavy with the pieces looking full and plump. This juice was as sour as lemon juice but really thin flavoured.  It seemed that the flavour appeared and then gone. 

I really appreciated the three very different juices.  I mean I knew that there must be more variation in the fruit than we get here in Canada but this was very obvious.  Reminds me of maple syrup...Hmmm, it is maple season...

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