Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recipe for Change

Attention all foodies, foodists, food snobs and hungry people!  There is a food event happening at the St. Lawrence Market on Thursday, May...awww just follow the link, Recipe for Change

There is no need for me to pretend there is any inside baseball on this one.  I haven't been but I am kind of excited.  The price looks a little steep at $100 a ticket until you start picking apart what will be there.  The names are familar to people who read restaurant reviews like the funny pages.   Magical catering, Oyster Boy, the Drake, Didier...etc.  and.. it includes some wines and beers.  Freeish beer anyone?

Under the menu link on the site, all it says is that there will be 'a Tasting Adventure consisting of a series of "composed plates"'.  Please forgive me but Top Chef and elimination challenge pop into my head.

Oh and it is a charity event.

Now if I can only convince my wife...Maybe I can tell her it's for the blog...

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